Saturday, April 21, 2012


It has been a long time since I updated my blog but have been remiss in not cross stitching as often as I should or really wanted to because once I start I get the bug all over again!  I have been stopping and starting and moving between projects so have not completed much of anything recently.  So I thought it would be a good idea to give myself some encouragement by doing an update.  I did complete a couple of smaller projects:

for anyone who knows me knows I love country music so I stitched this fun design :)

and to commemorate the occasion of my parents' 50th anniversary I gave them this framed design.  I did this one in particular as they went to Switzerland not on their honeymoon (they were sensible and saving for a home) but a few years later and it was my Mum's first holiday abroad and they have such lovely memories:

In addition I have been working on and am nearly finished 'Discovery of the New World' which I really enjoyed doing I love cross stitch projects that tell a story - I have got to finish the backstitching which is yes a little tedious not my favourite bit to do but it is absolutely essential.  I had a friend some years ago who was working on a cross stitch project and it was her first piece and she was doing a really good job but told me that she wasn't going to bother with the backstitching.  It was a shame as if a job is worth doing then it is worth doing well and the stage of adding the backstitching although slow and fiddly is important to the finished look and really brings the design to life.  Anyway enough lecturing you can see the progress I have made so far and I will post the results of the finished piece:

I always take a project on holiday with me something lighthearted and fun and this is my current piece, my first Disney design I absolutely love Eeyore and both my Mum and myself have an eeyore on our beds.  The instructions for this is not as clear due to the number of backstitch lines which transverse the piece making it not easy to stitch but it is very colourful and should look really nice:

Lastly but not least is my albatross the Humphrey Bogart design which I am determined to complete but is a struggle and very slow growing this is the current stage it is at.  Still have my reservations but my Dad is keen for me to do it and I do hate to give up on something so am persevering with it.

Opinions on my work are encouraged so if you have any thoughts/suggestions please let me know.

I am determined not to leave it so long when I post again so watch this space!