Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Showing Off

At the request of a friend I am posting a couple of cross stitch pieces that I completed some time ago but she encouraged me to put them up. I did the poster of the Titanic for my Dad who is particularly interested in the history of the Titanic. The Christmas sampler I really enjoyed stitching it was immensely satisfying watching it grow beneath my fingers. I display it all year rather than for just one month how could I not:

Rant: Mobile Phones

There I am sitting quietly on the train absorbed in my book, lost in the world of a perilous situation, a passionate embrace or solution to a particularly vexing murder investigation. Then suddenly the silence is broken by a mobile phone ringing and the next 20 minutes are spent listening to some complete stranger's plans for the weekend, break-up of his/her relationship or business options.

Whilst I am left dreaming of an image of myself optunely wearing stilettos one of which I take and proceed to smash the mobile to bits. Is it just me who is driven insane in this way and who can't tune out?