Sunday, September 24, 2006

Read It Swap It

If you haven't already found it, and you are a bookworm like me then I urge you to join Read It Swap It ( all you need is some books that you no longer want, join up (it is free) and list your books. Then browse through over 66,000 books (and growing all the time), select your choices an email is automatically sent to the person who has the book they browse through your list choose something (if they want to). Addresses are sent you send your book they send their's and hey presto you have a whole new pile of books to read for the price of postage. Try it - it is excellent! Plus there is a forum to get new ideas and share yours.

Friday, September 22, 2006

My First Post

This is my first post to my very first blog I have been thinking about starting a website for some time but thought this would be a fine way to begin. So ...

I am getting very close to finishing my biggest cross stitch project for some time "The Mighty Samaurai" -

You can see my progress it is looking fabulous even though I do say so myself.

I belong to a book club at work - the ABC Club (Alcohol, Books and Chat) and our current choice is Behind The Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson haven't started it yet - we are due to meet at the beginning of October so I'd better get a move on but I am just finishing the third in the trilogy of His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman.